WeChat Marketing

Want to establish credibility in the Chinese market? Let WeChat marketing handle it.


WeChat Marketing

Suitable for businesses that have a daily ad budget of $200+

WeChat Platform

Similar to Facebook page, you can tell your brand's story to the audience.

WeChat Moments Ads

Similar to Facebook newsfeed ad, best strategy for brand awareness.

WeChat Platform Media Ads

WeChat platforms of Chinese media companies offers ads at a low cost.

WeChat Platform
How WeChat Platform Looks Like
Your Chinese Digital Storefront

WeChat Platform

Similar to a Facebook page, WeChat platform contains all the vital information about your business which you want your audience to know. Users are allowed to publish articles on a regular basis to convert subscribers into paying clients.

Many large brands such as David Jones or Woolworths are present on WeChat, therefore it is highly recommended if you wish to have your product/service to develop in the Chinese market.

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WeChat Moments Ads

The best marketing strategy to gain brand awareness in the Australian Chinese market, especially for medium to large businesses. This is the optimal way to put your business in front of many new potential consumers.

Similar to Facebook, WeChat ads allow you to target by age, gender, martial status, and more. A well-positioned marketing campaign can bring a surge in sales or increased brand recognition. 

WeChat Ads
WeChat Moment Ad | Approved By Client Riverstone Estate
Chinese Media in Australia
Our Media Partners Media Today Group & KanTV's WeChat Platform
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WeChat Platform Ads

Most media companies in Australia have their own WeChat platform which varies from news to entertainment. These are third-party platforms where you can publish articles related to your business or products. See Media Buying for more information.

At a much lower cost of WeChat Moments ads, it is preferred by many small to medium businesses to gain attention in the Chinese market.


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Frequently Asked Questions

From hundreds of consultation sessions, we have compiled the most asked questions.

Currently we only recommend businesses with a stable budget to advertise on WeChat. WeChat is definitely one of the best way to engage the Chinese audiences, however it is far more costly than Facebook/Instagram marketing. If you are starting up, it is not recommended to market on WeChat as the minimum ad budget is $200/day. 

It usually takes 1-2 weeks to process everything. 

Unfortunately as per 2021, Tencent (WeChat’s mother company) only allows 14 industries for WeChat Moment Ads.

These industries are travel, clothing and accessories, skincare and makeups, home decor, transportation, wedding services, retail, automobiles, general merchandise, lifestyle services, digital devices and home appliances, virtual goods, sports and outdoors, watches and jewellery.

The minimum ad budget as per 2021 is $200/day.

We recommend you to hire a Chinese employee to manage your WeChat platform. However we also provide platform management service. 

The average CPM for WeChat sits at $20 compared to Facebook which is only $6 in Australia. As a result, the CPC is higher too. The CTR is slightly higher than Facebook, however it is industry dependent.

1. Signature on the application document. The signature must match the one on passport.

2. Need to provide your Facebook or business website.

3. Three months of telephone bills.

4. Person who registered the company, or consent of director, need their personal ID.

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