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The Two Types of WeChat Platform You NEED to Know!


WeChat official account platform is equivalent to a Facebook page. We all know that WeChat is the primary communication tool used in China, but not many business owners know that WeChat is also very important in business and marketing. WeChat platform is very similar to a Facebook page, as businesses can publish content and inform their followers about any promotions.

There are two major types of WeChat official account platforms out there, one being the ‘Service Account Platform’ and the other being the ‘Subscription Account Platform’. These two are very similar to each other, as they offer similar functionalities. So what makes these two accounts (platforms) different from each other?


Subscription Account

Service Account

Message/Follower Broadcast Frequency


4 times/month

How it is displayed

Displayed within the subscription folder

Displayed inline with personal contacts like a normal friend contact

Custom WeChat Menu



WeChat Store



Mobile Payment Support



Advanced Integration Features



WeChat Service Account Platform

A Service Account is suitable for most industries except media, because you are limited to four messages or broadcasts per month, which is not enough to cover the daily news. However, Service Accounts are a very popular choice among almost all other industries. The blue highlighted area in the following image is the Service Platform and the pink highlighted area is the Subscription Platform. A good thing about service account is that your company would appear like a normal friend on a contact list (displays in-line with personal contacts). So whenever you make a broadcast, your company profile will be pushed to the top. 

wechat official account platform, service platform

WeChat Subscription Account Platform

Subscription account is suitable for media companies or companies that have messages to tell their followers on a daily basis. All subscription account will be displayed in ‘Subscriptions’ folder along with other businesses which also use subscription account. 

A good thing about subscription account is that you can broadcast messages to subscribers on a daily basis. The downside of subscription account is that it only appears in the subscription folder, so people have to click on the folder to access your message, which can potentially lower the conversion rate.  

wechat official account platform, subscription account

In conclusion, we strongly recommend business owners to use Service Platform as users do not have to open a folder to view the content. WeChat platform is a prerequisite to WeChat marketing, find out about WeChat marketing HERE. 

Written by Alex Xiao 19/04/2021


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