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Advertising On WeChat – A Step by Step Guide

WeChat has become a super app that dominates the Chinese social media market. As a result, there is no doubt that it has become the most preferred way for businesses to advertise. While it seems straightforward like Facebook or Instagram ads, it is much more complicated due to different consumer behaviour and algorithms involved.

What is WeChat Marketing?

The most simple way of explaining WeChat advertising is the Tencent program enabling companies to display promotional contents on users timeline (My Moment) or at the bottom of WeChat Official Account articles. WeChat ads enable brands to grow account followers, drive traffic to the website and generate App downloads. 

There are 3 MAJOR types of WeChat Marketing:

–  ‘My Moment‘ Advertising

–  ‘Official Platform Banner‘ & ‘Media Buying‘ Advertising

–  ‘Influencer‘ Advertising

1. WeChat My Moment (朋友圈)Marketing

WeChat Marketing My Moment

To put it simply, My Moment ads are similar to Facebook news feed ads. However, it is costly since WeChat wishes to maintain good user experience for users. One of the many reasons why Facebook Ads ROI is plummeting over the past few years is due to the bombardment of ads which lowers user experience. Furthermore, many businesses have acquired FEWER sales and websites visits after Facebook advertising, because it destroys their brand. Therefore, WeChat marketing is an alternative solution that addresses all these problems!


How to advertise on WeChat Moment for Australian businesses?

a) To begin with, your business MUST be within the following categories:

Travel, clothing and accessories, skincare and makeups, home decor, transportation, wedding services, retail, automobiles, general merchandise, lifestyle services, digital devices and home appliances, virtual goods, sports and outdoors, watches and jewellery


b) Register a WeChat Official Account (Platform) for your business:

WeChat Platform is the prerequisite for My Moment marketing. The registration may take up to 2 weeks to complete depending on Tencent’s processing time (WeChat’s parent company). Contact us on how to register WeChat platform -> Click Here


c) Become and register as an advertiser on your WeChat official account:

This part is complicated if you don’t understand Chinese, you may contact us for help. You will get a notification if Tencent approves your application. 


d) Once approved, it’s time to get started:

It’s similar to Facebook and Google Adworks, you may select your targeted audience (age, gender, marital status, location etc). Since everything is displayed in Chinese, with jargon here and there, it is strongly recommended to ask a colleague who understands Chinese to operate the campaign. 

2. WeChat Official Platform Banner Ads & Media Buying  

WeChat Marketing Media Buying

There are many popular media platforms on WeChat with a large user base (find out more) They allow business owners to advertise by displaying a small banner embedded into the platform’s articles. WeChat Platform Banner is a very volatile method to target Chinese consumers, because may achieve great success with little investment or you might waste every single dollar while getting no result. 

In general, platform banner ads are pretty much useless when they are badly positioned. Platform banner ads are similar to ads you see when you read online articles, in which they look like spams and often generate zero conversions. However, Banner Ads are good for branding since it is cheap, so users may remember your brand subconsciously by displaying your brand across multiple Chinese media WeChat platforms. (Examples include Fletchers, they are currently displaying banner ads on multiple WeChat pages)

The image above is showing new articles a media company called Yeeyi publishes. The main article (in this case ACY Make Your Move) has the highest click-through rate with 15K views. This is one of the best ways to target the Chinese market however it does have a hefty price tag of avg. $6500 per article depending on which media company you collaborate with. 

3. WeChat KOL Marketing (Uncommon as RED is a better for KOL marketing)

WeChat Marketing KOL Marketing

Influencer marketing is essential for businesses to engage with Chinese consumers. There are many Australian products using influencer marketing such as A2 baby formula. An average KOL on Chinese social media is 10X more effective than Instagram influencers. Chinese people love following trends and they always check reviews before making purchases. 

KOLs on WeChat is different from TikTok, RED or Instagram as WeChat users can only have up to maximum 5,000 contacts per account; on the other hand, TikTok and Instagram can have unlimited followers. As a result, you have to be very specific when it comes to finding WeChat KOLs. For example, if you own a tutoring centre, then your best KOLs are migration agents. With only $100 – $200, you may gain multiple leads; providing far better results than all other types of marketing strategies

At Wukong Media, we have many contacts of KOLs across a variety of industries. Make sure to contact us if you haven’t already so we can provide the latest information for your business to grow in the Australian Chinese market!


By Alex Xiao 18/04/2021


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