Media Buying

Establish your brand awareness in the Chinese market by collaborating with local media

Media Advertising

Media Advertising

An economical option to gain credibility in the Chinese market


Biggest Australian-Chinese streaming platform with near one million users

Media Today Group

The largest Australian Chinese media platform for community news and more


The number one Australian Chinese forum for news and lifestyle services

KanTV's Streaming Platform | Approved By Our Partner KanTV
Put Your Business In the Spotlight

KanTV Streaming Platform

Optimal for targeting the younger demographic of the Chinese market in Australia, KanTV is the biggest Chinese streaming service for dramas, movies and other shows in Australia. With 800K monthly active users, it is the best way to put your brand, product or service in front of international students and ABCs through a selection of pause ads and banner ads.

With only 1/3 CPM cost of Facebook, it is a great choice for branding and conversion goals. This strategy has been applicable to all range of brands from small businesses to large companies such as David Jones or JB-HIFI to target the Australian Chinese market. 

*Data as per Dec 2020
KanTV WeChat Platform | Approved By Our Partner KanTV
Put Your Business In the Spotlight

KanTV WeChat Platform

KanTV’s WeChat platform is the second largest in the Chinese media category in Australia, with years of publishing quality articles and 400K subscribers. 

Accumulating a total of 1.35M article clicks within December 2020 alone, it is becoming a very popular marketing channel for medium to large businesses to showcase what they offer by having your long copy published on this platform.  

*Data as per Dec 2020
Establish your Brand Image

Media Today Group App

Established in 2010, Media Today Group is recognised as the source of the ‘most readable news, the most practical information’. With a unparalleled credibility in the Australian Chinese media, they have become the most reliable media source out of all other Chinese media companies. 

Without a doubt, Media Today App has become one of the most preferred marketing channels for businesses who seek to engage the Australian Chinese market 

*Data as per 2020
今日澳洲app,media today group
Media Today Group's App | Approved By Our Partner Media Today Group
Establish your brand image

Media Today Group WeChat Platform

With four separate accounts, Melbourne Today, Sydney Today, Perth Today & Queensland Today), Media Today Group’s WeChat platforms are optimal to sharing your long copy to specific audiences. 

Advertising on Media Today platform can increase the reach of your audience while enhancing the credibility and reputation of your product and service.

今日澳洲微信,media today group
Media Today Group's WeChat Platform | Approved By Our Partner Media Today Group
Yeeyi's App & Online Forum
Reach the Local Community

Yeeyi App & Forum

The #1 Chinese forum in Australia that allows users to find jobs and all kinds of services. They have a very stable userbase. Many advertisers have found success on Yeeyi, especially service businesses such as cleaning, gardening and tutoring etc. 

They also offer free forum ads which require advertisers to bump their ad to reach the top.

Yeeyi's WeChat Platform
reach the Local Community

Yeeyi WeChat Platform

Being the pioneer of the Australian Chinese media, Yeeyi has a very stable userbase. 

Similar to Media Today Group, Yeeyi publishes news articles on a daily basis. Advertisers can choose to insert ads into the WeChat articles to gain brand awareness.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Both KanTV and Media Today Group offers geo-targeting. Currently advertisers can target by states, which makes it easier for advertisers.

The CPM, CPC & CTR is very different depending on industries and the way in which the ad is served to the audiences. You may contact us to acquire these details.

Sitting at only 1/3 CPM cost of Facebook, media ads performance varies across different industries. You may contact us for detailed stats.

Best suitable for B2C industries. Consumer products such as skincare and food works well. Consumer services such as fruit picking works well too. You may contact us to find out whether your business is the right fit.

The three platforms above caters different audiences. For KanTV, the majority of users are young “Age 18-34 Makes Up 62.76% Of Users”. Hence the ad will perform well for products and services that target young audiences. 

For Media Today Group, the majority of users are slightly older than KanTV since it is a news platform. 

For Yeeyi, the majority of users are even older than Media Today Group and platform focuses on lifestyle services.

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