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RED(小红书, xiaohongshu) – The Chinese Instagram With 80% Female Users


RED (xiaohongshu or 小红书) – The Chinese Instagram or Tiktok that incorporates e-commerce element, becoming the most popular app for Chinese women born after 1990. It is almost identical to Instagram in terms of the contents you see.

What differs Xiaohongshu from Instagram is the built in e-commerce platform. Many RED users like to review products by posting photos, then it attracts other users to buy those products from RED platform. RED has a special algorithm that makes your posts achieve great exposures.


xiaohongshu profile

So what is this special algorithm?

Let us give you an example. On the left is a screenshot of our founder Alex’s Xiaohongshu profile. As you in can see in the top left corner, he achieved 38.2K views for a simple post with 100+ comments from different individuals.

By the way, he only had 10 followers at the time. Then how is this possible?

RED has an algorithm that promotes your content if it gets enough exposures in a given period of time; any interactions with your post such as likes and comments will make your post be promoted for free because the system will deem your post as valuable for users.

RED has deemed the Victoria police fine and the parasite in the oyster post as valuable because it received enough attention in a short period of time.

On the other hand, there are only 401 views for the post in the bottom right corner.

This is because that post did not gain enough attention and clicks in the first hour.

Xiaohongshu (RED)User Analysis

Age Stats:

xiaohongshu age bracket

As you can see from the above graph, most people who use RED are young people and adults. This age bracket is what most businesses target since they have the most demand and purchase power.

Gender Ratio:

xiaohongshu gender

As you can see from the above graph, most people who use RED are young people and adults. This age bracket is what most businesses target since they have the most demand and purchase power.

Red has 13.87% male users and 86.13% female users.

This is significant for businesses who target female consumers. Products like perfume, bags and skincare have become the most discussed topics on RED.

How Can Xiaohongshu (RED)Help Your Business To Grow?

It is very complicated to do sponsored ads (like Instagram) on RED. The best way is to market your product/service through KOLs (key opinion leaders or influencers).

Using KOLs have no doubt become one of the most preferred strategy for businesses in China to advertise.

Whether you own a product or service, credibility is very important when it comes to business. Advertising your product through influencers allow you to gain trust from the public.

The SECRET of Xiaohongshu (that no one will tell you)

It is better to advertise through multiple ‘smaller’ influencers than advertise through one famous influencer. The ‘smaller’ influencer may have 500-2000 followers; the ‘famous’ influencer may have 10K+ followers. RED’s algorithm generally favours the up-and-coming influencers, being more likely to share and spread their posts above the already-established ‘famous’ influencers.

At Wukong Media, we have a base of influencers ranged from small to big. If you believe you have any products that may spark interests in the women’s market like perfume, bags or skincare, you may contact us for free consultation and evaluation.

Alex March 21, 2021


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