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How to Use LinkedIn to Expand Your Business


LinkedIn has become an important digital platform that features various business profiles and individuals that connects with top business leaders and marketers.

It can be used as a tool for conversion from strangers to potential clients, as well as growing your own brand reputation around your client’s social circle.

Here are 2 tips from us Wukong Media when it comes to leveraging LinkedIn’s marketing.


1. Generating high quality content on LinkedIn for your own services

First of all, content must focus on assisting other people who seek business advice and developing their own skills in their own field.

By addressing those issues, it may hint to other individuals you are creating your own expertise image in a professional way.

In return, you get higher investment of return for influencing and building a larger business circle.

2. Prioritizing your LinkedIn business profile page

‘Clothes make the man’. This statement still holds true, especially when in social media platforms.

Brand is what attracts individuals and constructs a reputation in a community.

Make sure the company page colors, logo, branding aspect and content is consistent with other social media business pages.

It conveys to the audiences that your social media involvement has a high presence. The consequence of not updating will create incompetence of presenting to others. This halts web traffic for potential clients to visit your profile, missing an opportunity to interact.

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Network with LinkedIn Strangers (Real Life!)


So far, you have done everything you could. You have messaged a potential LinkedIn contact, you have set up the right tone for the conversation, they seemed interested in conversing and decided to take a step further. This could be your big ticket of acquiring another client.

That’s when it hits you.

How do I approach them? How can I make myself seem professional? How can I transform this meeting into an open door for businesses?

I’m sure you are wondering how you can tackle those issues to orchestrate a perfect meeting! (Before you even meet them)

Here are the few things I have gained and experienced over the years while meeting clients from LinkedIn and how to score some points with one on one meet up.

Are you ready to do the homework?

1. Checking out the mutual connections on LinkedIn 

Having a common contact means you can reach out to them and ask them to introduce you on your behalf. By doing so, they can assist your impressions by putting in some good words, even offering insights of what kind of individual you are meeting!

2. Laying down some ground work research before meeting.

As I stress this over again, information is resourceful and important to unlock greater conversation. Sure, keeping a professional stance is great at the beginning, but as time goes by, break this stereotype by getting to know them. Start this by engaging their hobby, mutual interest and values/goals. This in turn can enhance connection, as well building a partnership in business.

3. Evaluate your worth and how your business can benefit them in the long run

Sure, they are your friends in social settings, how about businesses? It’s not just the long term benefit of what they can offer you, but also their INVESTMENT on how much you can return. By bringing your skill set and charm to the table, you show them your people skills interaction!

4. Always reply back to your messages even after you’ve met

Rule of thumb: Once you have met potential-to-be clients, never forget to reply back to the message as though you have met them the first time. Showing interest and getting in touch with them will lead to higher morale.

Written By Joseph Wong



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