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WeChat has become a super app that dominates the Chinese social media market. As a result, there is no doubt that it has become the most preferred way for businesses to advertise. While it seems straightforward like Facebook or Instagram ads, it is much more complicated – more

RED (xiaohongshu or 小红书) – The Chinese Instagram or Tiktok that incorporates e-commerce element, becoming the most popular app for Chinese women born after 1990. It is almost identical to Instagram in terms of the contents you see – more

Many people ask us ‘What kind of products are suitable for the Chinese market? Is our business suitable?’. After countless case studies from our clients, we have found that certain categories just work better than others – more

Shopify’ and ‘WordPress’ are major buzzwords when looking into building a business website. They are two of the major platforms for web design in 2020, but they offer very different service and experience. *Which is the one you need? – more

WeChat official account platform is equivalent to a Facebook page. We all know that WeChat is the primary communication tool used in China, but not many business owners know that WeChat is also very important in business and marketing. WeChat platform is very similar to a Facebook – more

LinkedIn has become an important digital platform that features various business profiles and individuals that connects with top business leaders and marketers. It can be used as a tool for conversion from strangers to potential clients, as well as -more

SEO also known as Search Engine Optimisation, is a cornerstone for online marketing. Basically, what it does is that they increase the quantity of traffic flow towards the user’s website. With online marketing becoming more prominent – more

Businesses tend to be very careful when it comes to Facebook ad budget, find out how much Facebook ad budget to you really need to run a successful campaign – more


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