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Influencer (KOL) Marketing

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RED Influencers

With 80% female users, RED is the best Chinese platform for conversions

Instagram Influencers

A modern approach to market your B2C product/service and gain credibility

Instagram Bloggers

Advertise everyday products on popular Instagram blogs to gain awareness

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This Is How RED 小红书 Looks Like
estabilsh your brand's credability

RED Chinese Influencer

With 86.13% female users and 13.87% male users, RED is no doubt the best platform to target the young female Chinese market. Daily consumer products like skincare and makeup works very well. RED’s algorithm is built around how much value your post offers, which means organic exposure on RED works extremely well if your post obtains enough engagement in a given time frame.

The best way to market on RED is through influencers rather than sponsored ads. This is because influencers are relatively cheap on RED so you can maximise your product reach at minimal cost. 

estabilsh your brand's credability

Instagram Influencer

If your business is in the startup stage, chances that are your sponsored ad on Facebook will not perform well since no one has ever heard of your brand, therefore you have no credibility, and credibility is what sells.

At Wukong Media, we have a base of influencers accustomed to your industry needs. Increase your product’s credibility today by reaching out to us and we will assign the right influencers to market your business.

Instagram Influencer
Our Beloved Instagram Influencer @kweetiffany
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estabilsh your brand's credability

Instagram Bloggers

There are many people who follow Instagram bloggers such as food, makeup, cars etc… These followers share the same interest, which means if you market your skincare product on an Instagram skincare blog, then you are showing your skincare to a large base of skincare enthusiasts who are much more likely to purchase your product.

Not only it is good for conversions, it is also good for branding, which is what most businesses strive for.


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Frequently Asked Questions

From hundreds of consultation sessions, we have compiled the most asked questions.

With more than 80% of the users being female on RED, it has become one of the most popular platforms to advertise skincare or makeup products. You may find the presence of many large brands such as Sukin, YSL & Gucci on RED. Click Here Learn More About RED

Regardless of platform type, influencer marketing suits B2C products. Businesses such as skincare should always use influencer marketing. 

We kindly ask all of our clients to supply a free product (in their original package, not samples) to our beloved influencers. They are using their influence and credibility to market your product, therefore they deserve the best.

The price varies for every influencer under Wukong Media. Please contact us for more information. 

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